Phoenix Product Manager


  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Last Updated: 04/27/2024
  • Supports Phoenix: –
  • PHP: >=7.3, <=8.2

  • License: Annual
  • Requires: No Extras

This admin tool will allow you to manage your products, categories and more. When you purchase a license, you get the following:

  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support

Once the license expires, the tools features will continue to work but you will no longer be able to receive updates without renewing your license.

Current features:

  • Configuration of column names used for:
    • sticky
    • cost
    • cost net
    • msrp
    • sort order
    • sku1
    • sku2
    • reorder qty
    • custom image directories
  • You can choose to make the following fields required
    • Name (All Languages)
    • Model
    • Quantity
    • Price
  • There are options to allow search tools to use ajax search or dropdowns. Depending on the number of products and categories, ajax is recommended for speed.
  • Main Features:
    • Listing
      • Easily search products based on criteria
      • Full pagination on search results
      • Browser will remember last search while logged in to make updating targeted lists easier
      • Simple click to make sticky or toggle on/off  without any need to save or refresh
      • Simple update of sort numbers & prices that are updated as soon as you change them without the need to save or refresh
      • Preview button to quickly review a product
      • Thumbnail of each image displayed
    • Edit
      • Edit all required product fields
      • Optionally you can create and use alternate photo directories for each product
      • Language specific data can be updated with the help of a WYSIWIG to allow for rich content.
      • Images can now be drag-and-dropped into the browser for immediate upadate without the need to save
      • Images can be promoted with a single click to the primary product image
      • Images can be sorted with drag-an-drop to the order you require
      • Easily remove images with a single click. If the image is being used by other products, the file will not be deleted from the server
      • Attributes can be added and removed without the need to save the product
      • New attribute options and values can be created on the fly for ease of creating new groups and options
      • Categories can be added and removed with a simple pop-up without the need to save or leave the page
      • Product reviews can be seen and a link to the customer is provided
      • Product statistics are also shown to outline sales
      • Allow cloning product to save time
    • Front-End Hooks included:
      • Custom Product Listing
      • Image Gallery
      • Product List Review Ratings
      • Product +/- Add to Basket
      • Product Hi-Lite Sticky Items
      • Product Inventory Counts
      • Product Out of Stock
      • Product On Sale
      • Product List Columns 1,2,4,6
      • Allow control of any custom product database fields
      • Product Description WYSIWYG now loads user.css for extra formatting review
      • Allow management of Specials pricing from within product page
      • Allow quick edit of your choice of product fields from product listing

Prefect tools with a lot of features, (Easily search products, the products images really nice (drag-an-drop, the primary product image by one click, adding Attributes so easy , etc..) .. this the shop owner’s should have… really well done

Rated by Omar Masheh
1.9.1 (04/27/2024)
- Added support for PHP 8.2
1.9.0 (04/23/2024)
 - Add jQuery UI to ZPM as it was removed from PhoenixCart admin and is required for ZPM to function.
 - Update several areas to work with PhoenixCart
1.8.1 (03/09/2023) - Fix spacing in modal popup for images - Fix gallery modal spacing issue as it was not centering in the page. - Adjusted image max-height as some images stretching on large resolutions for pi-gallery - Moved the Image Directory setting to the Product Images tab as it only affects where new images are saved. 1.8.0 (02/09/2023) - Update product quantity edit to allow for negative values. - Fix defauly special price on new products if bad data in specials table with a products_id of zero - Removed image path being included in admin products list as image already has path in its saved name - Adjusted gallery width to work with 2 images as it was broken and not wrapping correctly - Added setting for image gallery modal min/max widths in Product Manager Settings. (It is recommended to go to the settings page and save so that these settings are added to the database) - Added the ability to add text and titles to product images. Those will then show in the modal window of the product gallery. 1.7.5 (01/23/2023) - Updates to installer to correct errors on later PHP versions - Fixed products_image_dir as it was not being used for renaming file path, only for upload directory. Only for new image uploads are affected by the chosen product image directory. You can upload to multiple directories if you change the image directory setting and save between uploads. The directory on the product is saved to the image path, so the setting is only used when uploading new images. 1.7.4 (11/28/2022) - Corrected issue with PlusMinus button actions throwing an error in Phoenix >= 1.7.3 (11/26/2022) - Corrected issue with ip_product_listing_zipur throwing errors in Phoenix >= 1.7.2 (11/07/2022) - Fixed description in cm_footer module that mentioned header rather than footer. Functionality not affected. - Added extra code to show "SOLD OUT" message on product page, as well as hiding the BUY button and the +/- buttons if "SOLD OUT" option enabled in Settings - Product Counts 1.7.1 (11/07/2022) - Fixed deprecated tep_ function missed in cm_footer module 1.7.0 (10/31/2022) - Fixed any deprecated tep_ function issues for Phoenix - Fixed bug with custom columns not saving - Fixed issue with Phoenix >= as admin/modules_content.php no longer available. Recoded to work with admin/modules.php if modules_content.php not present. 1.6.8 (08/07/2022) - Fix issue with double quotes still not saving to database correctly. Was saving as " - simply re-edit any affected products and save to correct the issue. - Added an option in settings to disable TinyMCE WYSIWYG 1.6.7 (08/03/2022) - Fix issue with product language data not updating. - Fix issue with specials being disabled if special date was entered as 0000-00-00. - Fix fresh install issue with db queries failing due to previously replaced logic to replace tep_ functions. 1.6.6 (08/01/2022) - Allow for double quotes in product name. 1.6.5 (07/29/2022) - Fix issue with price level module integrations (If using price levels module) 1.6.4 (07/18/2022) - Remove ALL tep_db, tep_draw, tep_ functions where possible - change to use internal functions that support old and new way of functioning using a detect function logic. - Fix issue with cloning not including descriptions - Update to support PHP 8 1.6.3 (06/16/2022) - Product search now also searches product descriptions. - Added integration for price level manager addon if you have it. 1.6.2 (11/03/2021) - Fix bug with category edit if parent category is none and using AJAX category listing. Bug would set parent category to first category by default. - Changed visuals on out-of-stock items to use vertical button group instead of horizontal as it blends better with other formats when qty > 0.œœ - Removed extra ; in product_row_layouts.php that was showing on front-end. 1.6.1 (09/21/2021) - Fix error showing when no products returned by search in admin. - Added missing file zipurPMPlusMinus.php from previous version(s) - Added new feature on settings page to allow quick edit of your choice of columns. (products_price, products_quantity, etc) 1.6.0 (08/23/2021) - Added license manager and auto upgrade utility. This will allow you to optionally download updates from within the tool itself for the period of the license. 1.5.3 (08/18/2021) - Fixed Column Controllers on a new product as they were not loading - Adjusted drop-down style & category spacing logic - Added ability have a default value for each column controller. You will have to delete and re-create each column controller if you want to set a default value other than empty. 1.5.2 (08/18/2021) - removed CLONE text entry requirement - Added products_seo_title as it was not being save previously - Adjusted some layout on product edit page - fixed issue with non-core columns creating saving issues 1.5.1 (08/16/2021) - Management of Specials pricing now integrated into product manager on product editor page. 1.5.0 (08/13/2021) - Allow control of any custom product database fields (bottom of settings page) - Product Description WYSIWYG now loads user.css for extra formatting review - Product Description WYSIWYG now has support for classes and raw code edits 1.4.4 (08/10/2021) - Fixed issue with version 1.4.2 in product listing for version handling 1.4.3 (06/07/2021) - Fixed issue with actions (new classes) - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CEP >= before upgrading to this version! 1.4.2 (06/07/2021) - Fixed issue with and product listing. Coded to support both older and newer versions. 1.4.1 (04/13/2021) - Fixed issue with creating new products as latest core changes changed the db_link to db 1.4.0 (04/10/2021) - Fixed index.php placeholder content with silence comment. Bundler had broken these pages but did not affect mod functionality. - Fixed issue with new products not recording products_date_added value 1.3.0 (03/04/2021) - Adjusted code to handle latest Phoenix Core Change 1.2.0 (10/24/2020) - major codebase changes - fixed image uploader better deal with primary image logic - fixed issue with sticky items on catalog not styling correctly - fixed issue with On-Special not properly loading - fixed issue with some areas not allowing toggle of ajax/listing - added Zipur Product Config Footer Module *Make sure to enable in settings page* - added highlight to selected row layout button in catalog - rebuilt all logic to /includes/apps/zipurpm - removed all ZPM hooks and rebuilt properly as mods - removed old version files no longer used /admin/zipur_product_manager_comm.php /admin/includes/languages/english/zipur_product_manager_comm.php /admin/includes/classes/zipur_product_manager.php /admin/includes/functions/zipur_product_manager.php /includes/languages/english/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPM.php /includes/hooks/shop/index/zipurPMRatings.php /includes/hooks/shop/index/zipurPMSticky.php /includes/hooks/shop/product_info/zipurPMProductGallery.php /includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPMOnSpecial.php /includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPMPlusMinus.php /includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPMQtyCounts.php /includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPMRowAdjust.php /includes/languages/english/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurPM.php - rebuilt language files (review /includes/apps/zipurpm/languages) 1.1.9 (10/23/2020) - after update version - go to settings and save changes to pickup on defaults to avoid errors in missing configs 1.1.8 (10/23/2020) - force numeric syntax on numeric entry fields - add setting on settings page for price precision/decimals - remove "all manufacturers" from list on product page - add a Copy language from default language button on language specific pages when creating new products 1.1.7 (10/17/2020) - Adjusted ratings stars to avoid any duplicates as partial matches were also an issue 1.1.6 (10/16/2020) - Added logic to create missing language files if multilingual site - Adjusted ratings stars to avoid any duplicates - Added settings option for height of image on 6x layout if using zipurPMRowAdjust 1.1.5 (10/15/2020) - added Product Clone feature which allows cloning existing products to save time in creating similar products. 1.1.4 (10/12/2020) - fixed issue with zipurPMRowAdjust hook - review spacing in single column view - fixed issue with un-install not removing content modules if installed 1.1.3 (10/06/2020) - Minor adjustment to css 1.1.2 (10/06/2020) - Added Hook for Product List Columns (1,2,4,6). Allowing users to choose their viewing layout. 1.1.1 (10/06/2020) - Adjust Product Counts to show "max +" rather than "> max" 1.1.0 (10/06/2020) - Added Setting: Admin Search Type Option (Default / Extra Lang Support - requires mbstring) - Added Hook for Product Counts with configurable options for cuttoffs and Sold Out (with lang file) - Limit +/- to available stock amounts - Re-format +/- to use bootstrap classes - Added Hook for On Sale (with lang file) 1.0.15 (10/05/2020) - fixed issue with some custom table fields not being properly identified leading to not being able to save records. - fixed trailing ; in javascript output - made product name at top a bit smaller as large product names were too overwhelming 1.0.14 (10/01/2020) - Added the ability to change prices on product list page using ajax (same as sort order) 1.0.13 (09/30/2020) - If using qty buttons - required attributes were not forcing entry. Validation is now fixed. - On Product Admin Page - show product name above tabs and parse from first language - update on change text - Fix minor php warnings 1.0.12 (09/21/2020) - Allow edit/save of product attributes - Allow delete product from product listing 1.0.11 (09/21/2020) - Added change log to updater - fixed bug with trailing ; in code which was showing on catalog when plusMinus hook was turned on - improved mobile views 1.0.10 (09/17/2020) - First Release
This addon support lasts for 365 days. You can use this addon forever but will need a valid license if you need an upgrade.
  • Purchase and you will receive the zip file containing this add-on and a license code
  • Unzip the file
  • Copy the contents of the zip into the root of your catalog
  • Navigate to your catalog/admin/zipur_product_manager.php
  • Enter your license code from your order email receipt
  • Happy Product Management! 😉
Phoenix UPS Shipping Pro
Phoenix UPS Shipping Pro

Much needed add-on for our business. With several box sizes ...
>=7.3, <=8.2 –