Phoenix – Zipur’s Braintree Apple Pay Module


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Add-on Name: Phoenix – Zipur’s Braintree Apple Pay Module
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: 06/11/2021
Supports CE Phoenix: >=
Requires: php: >=7.3.0 and php modules (curl,dom,hash,openssl,xmlwriter)

Description of Add-on

This Phoenix Payment Module will work for processing Apple Pay payments by using Braintree’s API. This license will provide:

  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support

Once the license expires, the module will continue to work, but new versions will require a new license.


Change Log

  • 1.0.1 (06/11/2021)
    • Added support for Phoenix >=
  • 1.0.1 (06/09/2021)
    • Initial Release


Install Instructions:

  • You will need a account.
  • Review requirements here:…
  • Purchase and you will receive the zip file containing this add-on
  • Unzip the file
  • Copy the contents of the zip into the root of your catalog
  • Navigate to your catalog/admin/modules/payment and add the module
  • Configure as needed
  • Start processing payments! 😉


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