Data Wizard Help

If you are using the Phoenix Data Wizard, please review the information below. This information will be updated as new FAQ items arise.

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Exporting Data

In order to export data, follow these steps:

  1. Click the button at the top of the Data Wizard “DATA EXPORT / DOWNLOAD”
  2. Select a data target. If you require a data target that is not in the list, you can contact me on the forums to put in a request.
  3. After choosing a data target, all columns in your database table will be available for selection.
    1. ONLY choose the columns that you require as there is no need to export/import extra data.
    2. If using a data target that is complex (has more than one connected table) then the importer will also import any attached data columns if they are provided.
    3. KEY columns will be marked with a yellow key and cannot be omitted from the export import. If you manually delete these columns, the tool will not work as expected.
    4. Now you can click the “PREVIEW NOW” button to see some of the data you are targeting. The number of rows in the PREVIEW is limited to the LIMIT value set at the top of the page. This LIMIT does NOT apply when clicking the export.
    5. You can narrow your results by adjusting the top form parameters and using preview to confirm your targeted selection.
    6. Once you are happy with the targeted data, you can click “EXPORT NOW” to download your data in CSV format.
    7. There is also a “DATA TEMPLATE” button that will allow you to download a blank template for creating new records if required.
  4. The Export Data
    1. Each column will have a column header. These headers must not be tampered with in the csv if you are intending to upload for import.
    2. KEY columns are required and should never be removed.
    3. If you change the value of a KEY column to 0 (ZERO), then a new record will be created instead of updating an existing record.
    4. The DW_DELETE column will default to 0 (ZERO). If you set it to 1 (ONE), then that record will be deleted if importing the data.
    5. The DW_CATEGORIES column will be in a comma delimited string that will allow you to add, change or remove categories from products. If you only have a single category, then there will only be a single number in this field. You can export the categories as a list of numbers and their text descriptions if required.
    6. If you have “Show Connected Table Columns” set to “Yes”, you may see extra columns with a link icon in the header. These columns are for reference only and are not used as part of the data import process and will be ignored.


Importing Data

After you have reviewed the above Export procedures, downloaded your CSV and made your required changes/additions … you can then upload using the following process:

  1. Click the button at the top of the Data Wizard “DATA IMPORT /UPLOAD”
  2. Click the “Browse” button to find your CSV file. Make sure the file is still in CSV format as this tool does not import any other file type.
  3. Click “DATA UPLOAD NOW”
  4. After the file is uploaded, it is auto-selected. You can have a list of multiple uploads and clicking the “EYE” icon beside each will select that upload for processing. You can click “Clear Selected” at any time to unselect a uploaded file. The selected file will be displayed as a blue block.
  5. Once you have a file selected, click the green button at the bottom “Preview Data”
  6. You will see a PREVIEW LIMIT at the top right of the page. This is the number of rows to preview in the browser. You do not need to preview all rows, this is just for a confirmation of the data that you are importing. If you have 2000 rows of data and PREVIEW LIMIT is set to 5, you will only see 5 records in the preview, but all 2000 will be processed.
  7. In the preview, you should see if records will be UPDATED, DELETED, ADDED, etc.
  8. Once you are happy with the data preview, click “PROCESS CHANGES NOW”
  9. Your data should now be updated. Check your error logs to make sure there were no issues with the update. Report any issues to me in the form on the Addon Page or via PM in the forums.