Customer Reviews

This page will show customer reviews of my CE Phoenix support and custom programming. If you have had work done by me, please leave your comments below.


    Preston is prompt and attentive. He's created several add-ons to help cope with Phoenix. As for me he's corrected code which helped me get my site up and running in no time. I even a small coding tutorial here and there.


    Preston is ROCK SOLID! Perhaps cost a bit more than the 'average' tech, but he certainly knows his stuff. I had previously contracted out TWO different guys for some categories panel work... neither could get it as I really wanted. Preston got it done in just 2 hours!! It was a piece of cake for him. So, if you've a OSCommerce issue (or probably just about any software/coding issue), you'd be smart to let Preston take care of it for you. OH, he also made some adjustments after the project was completed... no extra charge... so I'm smiling! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Excellent speedy service. No problem however small dealt with expertly. Would recommend to anybody.