Customer Reviews

This page shows customer reviews of my CE Phoenix support and custom programming. If you have had work done by me, please leave your comments below.

If you had work done on a module or had me provide help and there was no charge, consider donating using the button below for what you feel the time was worth. Thanks 😉


    Contacted Preston with an idea of a Canada Post Shipping Module.
    He not only wrote a complete working module which I have tested over and over and is working perfectly.
    In addition he helped me get it properly setup with both Canada Post and Phoenix.
    He is very professional, an extremely capable coder, and most important extremely friendly and helpful.
    Thanks again Preston

    Preston is ROCK SOLID! Perhaps cost a bit more than the 'average' tech, but he certainly knows his stuff. I had previously contracted out TWO different guys for some categories panel work... neither could get it as I really wanted. Preston got it done in just 2 hours!! It was a piece of cake for him. So, if you've a OSCommerce issue (or probably just about any software/coding issue), you'd be smart to let Preston take care of it for you. OH, he also made some adjustments after the project was completed... no extra charge... so I'm smiling! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Preston is prompt and attentive. He's created several add-ons to help cope with Phoenix. As for me he's corrected code which helped me get my site up and running in no time. I even a small coding tutorial here and there.


    Preston wrote a hook which allows products of a certain manufacturer to display a button. All very quickly done! Thanks Preston!


    Best dev, patient and always available!


    Excellent speedy service. No problem however small dealt with expertly. Would recommend to anybody.


    This guy has done quite a bit of work for me the last several months... enough so that I've contracted him for a much larger job. Preston communicates well and just get stuff done!! Works with me every step of the way, and doesn't get mad when I change things up. LOL


    In CE Phoenix there was a problem with the Mollie payment Module. I asked Preston and he has made the module work in just 5 days! Many thanks, I think a lot of shop owners will be happy.

    Carlo (revamp)

    I recently purchased the Zipur Reporting Tool and I really enjoy using it.  Preston helped we with the installation, and was very quick to respond when I had questions or an issue.  It is a great tool, so you can figure out what your store is selling and processing!!

    Jim A.

    This is a very helpful reporting tool. I especially use the stock modules to see if stock lasts for the current orders.
    Preston was very helpful during the installation process, answers always came within a day, usually even within a few hours.

    Preston developed an add-on for me and I found him to be very knowledgeable, prompt and he does what he says.  An excellent job and outcome for what I considered to be a reasonable price.  Highly recommended.

    Dan Cole

    Excellent work with the Order Editor addon, very quick service & communication. Works perfectly with Raiwa's discount addon and very useful in our shop. Will use his services again, very impressive..


    Preston solved the problems we had with the Mollie add-on perfectly. Patient in the fact that we could not test his solutions immediately every time and sometimes could only respond 24 hours later. We are very happy that everything is working again, hopefully other webshops will also benefit from his expertise.